Ays Bedagan Sev Sadanan | Ays Bedagan Sev Sadanan, Goozeh Arnel Mer Giligian

Karnig Sarkissian – Lisbon 5 – Asbedagan Sev Sadanan
George Tutunjian – Compilation – Asbedagan Mer Giligian
Paul Baghdadlian – Azk Siretsek – Asbedagan Sev Sadanan
Ays bedagan sev sadanan,
Goozeh arnel mer Giligian,
Mer Giligian zenkov arin
Oozen choozen yed bidi dan.

Yotuh titegh teghin vosgi,
Chenk havadar toorkin khoskin,
Ayt vor gseh vakhkod eh Hay-uh,
Anor bidi dank pernin ham-uh.

Hraman dvek vor gadarenk,
toorkin prnenk vodken gakhenk,
Hedo danenk shoogan dzakhenk,
Mardigneroon pampoushd knenk.

Menk Hayerus enk badvagan,
Kacher oonenk Tashnagtsagan,
Menk Hayerus enk badvagan,
Sharker oonenk menk mardagan,
Yerganyanneroo bes bashdban,
Teroristner mezi goodan,
Tehlirianneroo bes bashdban,
Teroristner mezi goodan.



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4 responses to “Ays Bedagan Sev Sadanan | Ays Bedagan Sev Sadanan, Goozeh Arnel Mer Giligian”

  1. hagop djiguerian Avatar
    hagop djiguerian

    dear sirs,
    this is a really useful and necessary site for those who often hear songs but are unable to follow enough to learn them, so by allowing them reading the lyrics you filled the lack. good and necessary work you have done here 🙂
    having said this, there is a point I want to point which is the title of the song above and the first word of the song. In fact the correct wording is ‘ays bedagan’ and not asbedagan and the difference is big not to say huge. ays bedagan implies the policy on the level of the turkish state while asbedagan means literally having the characteristics of a knight (chevalier in french) and we know that the turks don’t have any relation to ‘asbedagan’s or knights. same mistake is heard on the radio when listeners ask this song saying asbedagan i/o ays bedagan
    I would be grateful if this point comes to your attention and make the necessary correction
    very truly yours

  2. admin Avatar

    Hagop, thanks for the correction!

  3. Sako Avatar

    Although the distinction mentioned in the above comment is correct, we can also use “as” in Armenian instead of “ays” and the song can start by “As bedagan sev sadanan…” and thus the confusion. However, as far as I remember I first heard this song sang by George Tutunjian and the words were “Asbedagan (knight) mer Giligian, gouze arnel sev sadanan…”. So, I guess it can be sang in different ways as long as the distinction is stressed in the words.

    1. Anna Avatar

      is a very very said song.
      Thank you Karnik Sarkisian

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