Hollywood | Esor Vonts Vor Amenor Hollywoodum

Esor vonts vor amenor Hollywoodum
Mi nor tone lusavor Hollywoodum
Indz mi bane harkavor Hollywoodum
Haye lini baxtavor Hollywoodum

Paytsar arev, sern u barin
Tsil u tsaghik amboghj tarin
Ovkyanos lav ban ches anum
Mez pahel es bats ches toghnum

Hollywoodum menq xosumenk Hayeren
Vorovhetev Losi kes@ hayer en

Ahel jahel kap chuni Hollywoodum
Hay@ lok mi dard uni Hollywoodum
Tekuz lave shat lave Hollywoodum
Hayastani karot ka Hollywoodum






One response to “Hollywood | Esor Vonts Vor Amenor Hollywoodum”

  1. Shahab Avatar

    I listened this song first in Armenia when coming back in our tour’s van from the Flower Valley or something like that, where you got thos cable cars.

    It is truly catchy and we enjoyed listening to it all the way back to the city.


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