Anabadi Arev | Karotelem, Karotelem, Sev Acher@ Yaris Karotelem

Tata – Sold Out Vol – Anabadi Arev
Karaoke Version
Karaoke – Anabadi Arev
Anabadi Arev

Karotelem, karotelem,
Sev acher@ yaris karotelem
Karotelem, karotelem,
Anush dzaint karotelem

Akh, anabadi tchampeqin qarot,
Akh, im yar@ mnacele karot
Akh, erani tev arni u ga, tev arni u ga indz mot

Anabadi arev, anabadi
Im yari tchampeq@ luisov pati
Anabadi arev, anabadi
Angut qamin, togh datari
Anabadi arev, anabadi
Hoqnele, tsaghiks arandz jri
Anabadi arev, anabadi

Moracelem, moracelem,
Hampuirner@ yaris moracelem
Moracelem, moracelem,
Sirun tesq@ moracelem


Anabadi champeqic qarot,
Im yar@ togh noric ga indz mot
Tev arni u ga indz mot




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2 responses to “Anabadi Arev | Karotelem, Karotelem, Sev Acher@ Yaris Karotelem”

  1. Harout Papazian Avatar
    Harout Papazian

    Song index page does not display. Error message only.
    Also trying to find an Armenian page for Anabadi Arev. Could not find it.

  2. Najarian Avatar

    thank you tell me who the author is the composer of the song anabadi arev

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